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Indigenous Cultural Artist

Boorook’s Cross-Cultural Style Creates Positive Change​ And An Entire Revolution Of Sound In 2021 



Boorook’s Cross-Cultural Style Creates Positive Change​ And An Entire Revolution Of Sound In 2021!

Drawing from his ancestor’s heritage traced to the roots of the Kirrae Whurrung tribe of southwest Victoria, Australia – international sensation Boorook is creating powerfully sensory music designed with true culture & craft. With a spectacular crossover style of his own infused with indigenous Rap, R&B, and soulful Pop/Electro hooks sparkling from the lefts to the rights, Boorook’s immaculately uplifting vibes are a reflection of his altruistic intentions of creating positive music for the greater good of us all.

Building on the momentum, love, and support surrounding his previous releases of the ​Our Own Destiny EP​ in 2019 and his full-record ​Keep The Dream Alive​ from last year in 2020 – Boorook returned at the very start of 2021 with a brand-new album called ​Positive Change.​ Stocked with nine vibrantly hybrid tracks that reveal his best to-date, Boorook’s latest record is guaranteed to move the mind, body, and soul. As thought-provoking as it is uplifting, as unique as it is unifying, as endearing as it is entertaining – the songs he’s written for his new album have been created in a sincere effort to generate exactly what the title implies – ​Positive Change​. Through his spectacularly versatile sound, socially conscious lyricism, intensely audible emotion, & absolutely unbreakable spirit – Boorook is captivating the world from one side to the other by making music that matters on multiple levels. An artist with the true power to bond & connect each & every one of us listening, together as one – join Boorook on his quest to bring culture to the mainstream this year – ​Positive Change​ is available now on every major platform for all to enjoy.

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Indigenous Cultural artist Boorook is striving to create positive change & social justice for his people. Contemporary Aboriginal music from Australia.

Boorook’s songs are grounded in the traditional stories and wisdom of his people, manifested on the ultra-modern stage of World Music. From sweet lullabies and sad love songs to proud protest and groovy dance rhythms, songs that continue to grow and evoke a strong sense of unity.

Aboriginal singer songwriter Boorook is excited to announce his Keep The Dream Alive album. Funk edged tunes, soulful voice, songs to evoke a sense of unity.


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